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FLIR Si124 geluidscamera
FLIR Si124 geluidscamera

FLIR Si124

 The FLIR Si124 is an intelligent, user-friendly ultrasonic sound imager. Deze is gebouwd om lekken van perslucht en gedeeltelijke ontlading (Partial Discharge) in hoogspanningsinstallaties te detecteren. It is built to detect pressurized air leaks and Partial Discharge (PD) in high-voltage intallations. 

The Si124 is very light (980 grams, 2.2 lbs), and therefore easy to be operated with only 1 hand. The operating range of this sound imager is from 0.5 meters all the way up to a maximum distance of 100 meters. This makes him thé solution for detecting pressurized air leaks and Partial Discharge, such as arcing, tracking and corona discharge, in the work field.

With his 124 build-in microphones, the Si124 can very effectively filter out the industrial noise. This allows you to locate quiet sounds even in noisy environments.

The FLIR Si124 allows you to detect leaks 10x faster than you are used to. Doordat meten en inspecteren met de FLIR Si124 makkelijk te leren is, is de FLIR Si124 ook voor een leek in het vak hét perfecte meettoestel. The fact that doing inspections with the Si124 is easy to learn, makes it even for someone with limited experience thé ideal measuring instrument.

Toepassingen FLIR Si124

The 3 most occuring electrical defaults are:

-Corona Discharge

The FLIR Si124 has a maximum working distance of 100 meters. This means detecting power lines, electrical instillations who are difficult to reach, etc. is not a single problem.

Working with the FLIR Si124 stands for safetyand efficiency.

FLIR Si124 geluidscamera coronaontlading
FLIR Si124 mechanische toepassing

Mechanical applications

Mechanical ultrasound can be used to diagnose a variety of mechanical equipment. This includes for example:

  • Bearings
  • Belts
  • Pulleys
  • Couplings
  • Chains

De FLIR Si124 is able to visualize friction. Increased friction causes more ultrasound. With the FLIR Si124 you can see in a single glance where the potential problem is. In this way you can intervene to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Ultrasound is excellent at detecting turbulence in air or liquids. Just like there is a link between friction and ultrasound for mechanical applications, for pressurized air leaks counts: the more turbulence, the more ultrasound.

High pressure steam leaks are potentially deadly. A compressed air leak is often very noisy. However, the turbulence generated by a steam leak is even greater. Which translates to more ultrasound. This means it’s not a single problem for the FLIR Si124 to detect it.

Elements to take in account when doing inspections for air leaks:

  • Turbulence
  • Shape of the orifice
  • Pressure differentials
  • Viscosity of the fluid
  • Distance from the leak
  • Access to the leak
FLIR Si124 geluidscamera lekdetectie
FLIR T560 warmtebeeldcamera
FLIR Si124 geluidscamera
FLIR Si124 geluidscamera

Ultrasound in combination with thermography

Take the most out of your inspection by combining a sound imager with a thermal imaging camera.

Would you like to get advice from specialists who are experts in thermography and the many kinds of industries?
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