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Would you like to buy a thermal imaging camera but you can’t afford a new camera? Thermal Focus offers outlet stockcameras at an affordable price. Below you will find an overview of our outlet. Would you like to get more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Would you still like to buy a new thermal imaging camera? Then Thermal Focus is still your perfect partner. We offer you the possibility to lease a thermal imaging camera. Contact us and we gladly provide you with more information.

The FLIR E85 is an all-round point-and-shoot camera. This thermal imaging camera is suitable for both predictive maintenance as well as building applications.

The FLIR E85, with 348×288 detector, does not only have a manual focus, but it has also an autofocus. Moreover the camera has a user-friendly interface. Thanks to these features you are able to work very efficient. As a result of that you can save a lot of time.

Original price: €8899,00
Stockcamera: €7564,15

FLIR E85 warmtebeeldcamera

The FLIR E8 is a user-friendly, compact and robust point-and-shoot camera. The wide field of view makes it the perfect choice for building applications

With a resolution of 320×240 pixels the FLIR E8 has the best resolution of the FLIR Ex-serie cameras.

Original price: €2999,00
Demo-unit: €2399,20

FLIR E8 outlet

The FLIR T630sc combines excellent ergonomics and feature-rich flexibility with superior image quality of 640×480 pixel infrared resolution.

High accuracy and sensitivity together with streaming options make the FLIR T630sc well suited for advanced research and development.

Price: on request

FLIR T630sc outlet warmtebeeldcamera

The FLIR T530 has the features professionals need to accurately troubleshoot hot spots and potential faults. With the 180° rotating lens platform the FLIR T530 is engineered to help users diagnose hard-to-reach components in any environment.

FLIR’s macro mode is an add-on camera function that allows you to use the 24° lens and achieve a spot size of 103 µm per pixel for the FLIR T530. In macro mode, the minimum working distance of the lens is reduced to about 60 mm.

Price: on request

FLIR T560 warmtebeeldcamera

The FLIR E5xt is a user-friendly, compact and robust point-and-shoot camera. The wide field of view makes it the perfect choice for building applications

Because of his affordable price, the FLIR E5xt is suitable for professionals as well as individuals.

Original price: €1299,00
Demo-unit: €1104,15

FLIR E5xt warmtebeeldcamera

The FLIR A35 is a thermal imaging temperature sensor for condition monitoring, process control/quality assurance, and fire prevention applications.

The A35 integrates seamlessly into existing systems, offering comprehensive visual temperature monitoring.

As part of the Ax5-series, the A35 is one of the only thermal imaging temperature sensors on the market to provide temperature linear output through GenICam™ compliant software.

Original price: €4799,00
Stockcamera: €4079,15

FLIR A35 outlet

Unlike thermocouples or spot pyrometers, the A35sc allows you to measure thousands of temperature points across your target and get reliable data in seconds.

Together with the kit’s lens choices and
advanced analysis software, the A35sc kit provides a dependable temperature measurement solution forindustrial and R&D labs.

Price: on request

FLIR A35 outlet

The FLIR K55 is a solid and reliable thermal imaging camera, who is designed to perform under harsh conditions.

The FLIR K55 has an intuitive interface with a design that makes it easy to control even with a gloved hand. The crisp and clear image helps you to navigate through smoke and to make quick and accurate decisions.

This makes the FLIR K55 thé ideal camera for firefighting applications.

Since this thermal imaging camera has never been used, it is still in perfect condition.

Original price: €5166,00
Stock camera price: €4132,80

FLIR K55 outlet

The built-in FLIR A310 camera offers an affordable and accurate temperature measurement solution for anyone who needs to solve problems that need built in “smartness” such as analysis, alarm functionality, and autonomous communication using standard protocols.

The FLIR A310 camera also has all the necessary features and functions to build distributed single- or multi-camera solutions utilizing standard Ethernet hardware and software protocols.

FLIR A310f

The MoviTHERM MIO-7 intelligent I/O solution is designed to turn FLIR cameras instantly into a completeremote monitoring system.

The MIO-7 is compatible with FLIR A310 cameras, and can monitor up to seven cameras at the same time.

Easy to set up, and easy to configure. The quick and easy way to your thermal imaging solution.

Original price: €5599,00
Stockmodel: €3919,30

MoviTHERM MIO-7 outlet

The FLIR X6900sc is an extraordinarily fast, highly sensitive MWIR camera designed for scientists, researchers, and engineers.

The FLIR X6901sc captures 640 x 512 images at 1003 frames per second, making it the world’s fastest full-resolution, commercially-available thermal camera.

With a sensitivity of less than 20 mK and accurate temperature readings up to 2000°C, the FLIR X6901sc offers the advantages of fast frame rates and superior resolution without compromising sensitivity

Whether you’re trying to measure temperatures on fast moving objects, or characterize the thermal transient of objects as they cool, FLIR’s X6901sc is the thermal measurement solution for the job.

FLIR X6901sc outlet